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Welcome to Sunshine in the Haze!

My name is Autumn Rebecca, the mind behind the blog. You guessed it, I love to write and encourage others to glorify God with everything they do.

I am what you would call an average person, meaning that I tend to overthink, fear the unknown, and insert my opinion when it is not necessary. I am a reservedly shy introvert who desires community yet fears it from time-to-time. However, my greatest desire in life is to run toward the things God calls me to run to, no matter what those mystical things are.

I have a holy ambition to share Christ with others, and I hope that through it, I can encourage you to pursue your own. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always that way.

The Fear of Blogging

Back in 2018, I realized how large my passion for words had grown since childhood. I despised my Grammer book but adored the creative writing side of things. Writing became my fourth love (Christ, family, boyfriend, writing). Sunshine in the Haze was conceived by much prayer and birthed in much love. Unfortunately, it did not stay that way for long. Writing quickly became my greatest fear.

I feared that I wasn’t good enough or that I was, figuratively speaking, biting off more than I could chew. Thankfully, God did not let that fate settle well with my soul.

Transparently, it has been a treacherous journey. There has been many fears faced, doubts needing erased, and a soul needing a whole lot more faith. Even now, this little corner of the internet has much growing to do, but God-willing, it will surpass my every expectation.

What Treasures Await You

Here on Sunshine in the Haze, you’ll find content about various topics that are all centered around Christ, inspiring you to walk with Him. My goal is to have a place on the web where authenticity can flourish among my readers and me. Read this snippet to discover a little more about why I write.

I’m not a person who can force words onto a page, because I wish for all my content to be quality content so that it may benefit you with a greater impact. Therefore, please keep that in mind.

My mantra is: Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship.

A relationship with our Father who breathed life into us, and a relationship with fellow Christ-followers. I believe Jesus died for you and I on that cross so that we could be forgiven and have eternal life with our Heavenly Father. God is my shepherd and I will follow Him.

We are all God’s children whether we like it or not, and I’m not ashamed to declare Him as my Father.

Meaning Behind the Name

The name of my website is way more than just a name to me. Before I created this blog, I wrote a song that talked about this life’s burdens. How sorrows and fears can be so deep that it feels nearly impossible to breathe, but our God’s glorious light breaks it apart, shining through the haze.

And let me tell you, this life has a whole lot of haze! The goal of my blog’s name is to be inspiration in itself, and with this name I can confidently say, it is.

Have a question? Use the contact form below. I’d love to here from you!

Sing to God, everyone and everything! Get out his salvation news every day! Publish his glory among the godless nations, His wonders to all races and religions. And why? Because God is great-well worth praising! No god or goddess comes close in honor. All the popular gods are stuff and nonsense, but God made the cosmos! Splendor and majesty flow out of Him, strength and joy fill his place.

1 Chronicles 16:23-27 (MSG)