Hope to Fly: A Poem About Battling Illnesses

Which illness plagues you? Is it a digestive disorder that slinks through your body—its root cause a mystery only Sherlock Holmes can solve? Is it depression that claws within? Is it a disease that consumes you?  Is it chronic pain or fatigue that holds you down? Is it a combination of a few things? IContinue reading “Hope to Fly: A Poem About Battling Illnesses”

Fall in Love With Reading the Bible: 10 Tips to Keep You Motivated & Passionate

You are ready to dig into Scripture and start growing your relationship with God, but it feels like the world is against you. When you have a spare minute, you simply want to rest. Do nothing or something more interesting, right? We all fight this Bible-reading battle, but that doesn’t mean we are bad Christians.Continue reading “Fall in Love With Reading the Bible: 10 Tips to Keep You Motivated & Passionate”

What’s the Big Deal About Reading the Bible?

Reading the Bible is hard and frustrating at times. With this, we begin to wonder… Why is the Bible such a big deal? Is it sinful not to read it? These questions are not wrong to ask, but we must not let them linger. We have to put on our Biblical goggles and jump intoContinue reading “What’s the Big Deal About Reading the Bible?”

Going into Ministry: How to Endure & Win at Ordinary Life

There are times when life feels like an empty canvas. We know that we are meant for great things, but great things seem too far from reach. We muck through our monotonous days and try not to sink in their overbearing force. Go to work, study, cook a meal, and/or clean a thousand dirty dishes.Continue reading “Going into Ministry: How to Endure & Win at Ordinary Life”

Reflecting on 2021 | Where Are We Headed?

Some may wonder where I have been for the past several months. The short answer is that I forgot myself in the whirlwind of life. It isn’t easy to truly live, is it? Needless to say, there is a new journey for us to traverse together. I’m not sure where this tiny blog will go,Continue reading “Reflecting on 2021 | Where Are We Headed?”

Finding Joy in a Broken Vessel

He peered at his body with seething resentment. It looked normal on the outside, but it continually failed on the inside. His thoughts helplessly wondered if everything would be okay. What if it was bigger than the strength within him? Health is a topic that I have avoided due to all the controversies, but IContinue reading “Finding Joy in a Broken Vessel”

6 Prayers for When the Future is Frightening

Have you ever wondered what the future holds? If so, I am sure you have experienced the gut-wrenching fear that accompanies it. There is something about not knowing that influences anxiety. Especially when bigger changes are involved (changing careers, marrying, etc.). It’s easy to say that God has it all in the palm of His hand. However,Continue reading “6 Prayers for When the Future is Frightening”