Reflecting on 2021 | Where Are We Headed?

Some may wonder where I have been for the past several months. The short answer is that I forgot myself in the whirlwind of life. It isn’t easy to truly live, is it?

Needless to say, there is a new journey for us to traverse together. I’m not sure where this tiny blog will go, but my hope is that it will continue to breathe light into the darkness. Just like God wanted it to from the beginning.

Reflecting on 2021

As I fought for the right words for this post, I discovered that there is no such thing. Unless you are the Almighty, that is.

To translate my heart as well as possible, I must admit that last year wearied my soul. It was uncomfortable and unsettling. Prickly and inconsistent. My world crumbled while still standing strong as ever. What we perceive can differ greatly from reality, can it not?

Looking back with a fresh pair of eyes, 2021 wasn’t all bad. My boyfriend and I broke the distance after an unfortunate 484 days apart. It was a beautiful and needed reunion to say the least!

Breaking the distance after 484 days apart

In April, I became the aunt of the most precious baby girl out there. I won’t be able to say that when new baby girls enter this world by ways of my siblings or me. 😉

My precious niece

I also got to experience the Great Smoky Mountains and the Grand Canyon. I pray that such views will never become old.

The breathtaking scenes of The Great Smoky Mountains and the Grand Canyon

During the peak of the season, I had the pleasure of visiting some farms with animals and delicious fruit!

Delicious fresh fruit and a sweet fellow

Last but not least, my feet wandered the sandy shores of the beach and my lungs felt the welcoming air of a lakefront campsite.

Catching some beach and lake breezes

Despite all the adventures of 2021, I lost myself somewhere along the way.

Toward the end of the year, 2021 gave me reasons to doubt my calling and purpose. It gave me all the excuses I needed to live an unfulfilling life… And I succumbed to them.

While a break from blogging was needed (for mental and physical health reasons), I knew that one day I would have to face the platform God called me to build.

Now my unsteady heart is ready to return. Because this blog is like home to me.

One little poem at a time, I have found my way back to this blog that once upon a time gave me the opportunity to welcome a community of lovely people. The place where I could urge people to never give up hope while encouraging myself to do the same.

I have never been able to find the right words when I need them, but God has given me a space to share the words that, perhaps, you need.

I used to think that writing was all about perfection, but I was wrong. Writing isn’t about perfect prose, it’s about the heart of the words within. Writing is a place for a mighty river to run freely through a dehydrated soul.

It isn’t about perfect prose, it’s about the heart of the words within.

Autumn Rebecca

Relishing in God’s love, it’s where my fears go to die. It’s where guardian angels touch me with a delightful spark of revival.

It is as if I can hear God calling me deeper into his presence, a place where angels trod. It awakens my dead soul. It creates in me a new song every single time.

Some say music must have a melody, and I agree to a certain extent. However, my melody is the song of clicking keys. Whenever I need to breathe or am lost and need to be found… The sound of my fingers tapping letters is where I’ll be.

I’m tired of chasing the perfectionist’s dream. Flaws merely make way for our heavenly Father’s splendor to shine even brighter in our lives. I want to live my life running free with full gusto. To do that, I must let God’s perfection fill the craters my imperfection has caused.


Pushing every doubt aside, I welcome you to traverse the journey of life with me. Can it be that you found this blog to be brought back to the light?

We’ll walk the unknown together. The future doesn’t have to be known; it only has to be revealed from the Divine Creator of it.

Will you come alongside me?

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