Wait a Minute! Why Do We Love God?

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“I have 5 things to tell you,” My four-year-old brother said as he bounced on the edge of my bed one night. I kept my eyes glued to my phone’s screen. “Okay, go ahead.”

We had been through this a hundred times. He was always coming up with random things to say to stay out of bed longer. The most used bedtime extender tactic of all time.

“Why do we love Jesus?” he asked. I lifted my head in surprise. What kind of question is that? How could I possibly answer it? 

We Christians, including myself, often live out our days without giving our love for God a second thought. We know we love Him. There is nothing more to think about, right?

Why Do Christians Love God?

If somebody asked why you love Jesus, like my brother did, could you answer? Would you gawk at them or be able to give a clear explanation?

More importantly, can you answer the question for yourself?

When we do not know why we love someone or fail to remember why we love them, disconnection is sure to follow.

For example, a couple will feel disconnected from each other if they forget to actively bring to mind the reasons they are in love.

So, why do you love God enough to submit to Him and His will? Is it because your parents taught you to? Because He is awesome? Because you decided to?

There is a big difference between loving God because you were told to and loving God because you have decided to.

This is Divine Love

The simplest answer I could give my little brother (and essentially myself) about why we love Jesus is this: 

Before we were in our mothers’ wombs, Jesus said He wanted us. He loved us before we knew He existed. He loved us when we were confused about Him. We love Jesus because He loved us first (1 John 4:19). He chose us before we ever chose Him.

While I could never capture the magnitude of God’s love, this is a pretty good starting place.

All of us love God for a deeper and more profound reason that is individual to us, but it all points back to Him loving us first.

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For many of us, there was a day that we realized how amazing His love and grace are. We realized we were drawn to Him. We could feel His peaceful presence, see His hand move in our lives, and hear His voice guiding us to great things. 

We decided it was time to love Him back, so we asked Him to stay with us forever.

Let’s Discuss It

As I typed out this blog post, I felt like it was too simple to write about. I enjoy tackling topics that are a little more nitty gritty, but a reader of mine said they enjoy reading about how much God loves them. 

Because of their comment, I realized that writing about God’s love is far from simple. Why? Because God’s love is the most beautiful thing we could ever experience. It is worth acknowledging every single day! 

If it wasn’t for God’s bold, yet gentle love, I would’ve never made the commitment to love Him in return.

My soul was suffocating. I was plagued by temptations and felt like I could never amount to anything. Satan had convinced me that God could never forgive someone like me.

Oh, how Satan was wrong!

God embraced me with His love, showing me my worth and teaching me how to overcome temptation. He loved me when I was incapable of loving myself.

If you haven’t made the commitment to love God or need to step back into it, let this be your sign to embrace His love for you. 

If you have already made the commitment to love God, can you explain why you love Him? Tell me your story in the comments or send me an email at sunshineinthehaze@gmail.com

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  1. Deep thoughts from a young life! ❤️

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    1. Thank you for reading! ❤️


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