6 Prayers for When the Future is Frightening

Have you ever wondered what the future holds? If so, I am sure you have experienced the gut-wrenching fear that accompanies it. There is something about not knowing that influences anxiety. Especially when bigger changes are involved (changing careers, marrying, etc.).

It’s easy to say that God has it all in the palm of His hand. However, the notion only becomes personal when we pour our hearts into it daily. Merely saying it when life is good doesn’t do the trick. We must declare it throughout every season.

Remember, God is the only one who can comfort our worries. If we aren’t running to Him continually, then our emotions will be stronger than us every single time.

6 Prayers For When the Future is Frightening

Unfortunately, we cannot pray together about this confusing, scary moment. However, I can encourage you to continue praying even when you don’t have the words. Or when you don’t feel like it.

My hope for laying out these prayers is that they will reveal the true meaning of prayer. It isn’t all about fancy words. It’s about a soul pouring into God, knowing that whatever happens, there will be a goodness that follows.

With that said, take these prayers and change them up as needed. Use them as pure examples rather than rules. They are simply here to help you find your own prayer voice. Yes, just like we all have different personalities, we also possess our own unique ways of glorifying the Lord.

God is the cure for confusion.

I bring this to You because I know that You carry the cure for my confusion. You are not only my God but my future. You carry the truth that I need to hear. Be my Father and Teacher. Show me Your ways. Your ways are higher than anything imaginable, so why would I worry about the season I am stepping into?

He is the only source of everlasting comfort.

God, I trust You to lead my path even before my heart completely believes it. Teach me how to become one with You. I want You to be more important than anything in my life. It’s hard, though. It hurts to give everything to You… But it hurts more to hold all of this on my own. Please hold me close. Just like I crave for someone to wrap me up in their arms and tell me it’ll be okay, I crave the safety and love that only You can give. After all, You are the only true source of everlasting comfort. Only You know what to say to put this broken heart back together. I need You. Be my future.

We can pursue the gift of joy no matter the circumstances.

Guide my heart, mind, and soul. They all long for earthly things but fear the unknown. I want to desire You more than anything on this earth. If I have to be here, please use me. Teach me what joy is. Happiness fade. Your joy lasts forever. The world tells me that once I have this one thing, I can then pursue Your joy, but that’s not true. I can pursue Your joy right now in this confusing moment. The circumstance doesn’t matter.

Satan will not have the last say.

This is my lament. My heart beats to the rhythm of pain, crushed under this pressure. I am too weary to go on. My mind has been defeated by Satan himself. Woe is the way life feels. But, Lord, You are still my song. My heart may have the rhythm of despair, but it will dance in Your goodness. You help me continue living because You have a plan for me. I will not allow Satan to have the last say. Teach me how to sing and dance for You despite these fears. Teach my weakness to find strength in You. Guard my heart, mind, and soul against evil. It has no place here.

The Lord is our fortress when fear overwhelms us.

Lord, please show me what to do. I want to know. All I can do is place it in Your hands, running to You over and over again. I may not know the next right step, but I do know that You’ll always be there for me. Whether there is happiness or not, Your love gives me joy. You will answer my cry. I know that you will. You will be my fortress when fear of the unknown overwhelms me. I have faith in You. Teach me how to desire You even when life isn’t exactly grand.

Our emotions don’t change who God is.

My trust in You is my strength… But I must not trust You as I should because my heart is failing. Can I keep going? This fear is causing depression, and in return, reigning over me. They are making my tomorrow daunting. I’m scared, God. What’s happening? Lord, please help me. This life is torture some days. I can’t keep going. My strength is gone. Be my victory in this storm. I know You have everything in the palm of Your hand. I may be scared right now, but I trust You. You are a good Father! My emotions don’t change who You are. You are bigger than any confusion or fear. Renew my mind.


While there is a large portion of our future that is unknown, we can rest in the truth that it’ll all work out for the good of those who love and obey God (Rm. 8:28). He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and sound judgment (2 Tim. 1:7).

There is no denying that fear is a real battle. Nevertheless, it is also undeniable that we have a real Father who wants to hear from us! Even if the only utterance we can make is a groan alongside a thousand fearful tears.

If we truly pursue the Lord, there will be a day where God Himself will walk with us, wiping our tears away for good and removing all pain (Rev. 21:3-4).

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  1. c.f. leach says:

    Awesome and inspiring post. Keep up the good work! Blessings and peace to you my friend.


  2. Aww, thank you. Your words always mean a great deal to me!


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