The Reason Behind Why I Write

Why do I share the goodness of God on this blog? That is a question that I have tried to answer for myself, but I never felt fulfilled with my answer. I may find it hard to answer with my own words, but 1 Chronicles 16:23-27 says it (perfectly) for me.

Sing to God, everyone and everything!

Get out his salvation news everyday!

Publish his glory among the godless nations,

his wonders to all races and religions.

And why? Because God is great-well worth praising!

No god or goddess comes close in honor.

All the popular gods are stuff and nonsense,

but God made the cosmos!

Splendor and majesty flow out of him, strength and joy fill his place.

1 CHRONICLES 16:23-27 (MSG)

That is why I follow my strong desire to write about God and His goodness. Do I ever fear that I have it all wrong and this isn’t my calling at all? Yes, I’m afraid of that! Fear is a part of living.

God says do not fear, so I might be crazy for jumping off this cliff, due to a feeling, but the way I see it. . . Is that wouldn’t it be even crazier to sit here quietly when it feels as if God is trying to tell me something? Not a single soul could read my blog and yet here I am, typing anyway when He lays something on my heart.

Why? Because I know that it’s a possibility that someone could stumble across one of my posts and it may just help them. I wish that I would’ve stumbled across something like my blog when I was trying to wiggle out of the sharing God’s word. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it was simply because I was scared that it would keep me from having the life I wanted. Now I look back and think of how foolish that philosophy was. Following a path that the Lord desires for you to walk down leads ro the greatest of destination. Sometimes we become blinded of that due to the grasp fear has on us or more so—the grasp we have on fear.

God doesn’t steer us the wrong way. He knows our true desires when we don’t even know yet. God is the one who knows the future, not me. If He says to do something, I want to jump, not hide. I couldn’t encourage you enough to do the same.

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