Wait a Minute! Why Do We Love God?

“I have 5 things to tell you,” My four-year-old brother said as he bounced on the edge of my bed one night. I kept my eyes glued to my phone’s screen. “Okay, go ahead.” We had been through this a hundred times. He was always coming up with random things to say to stay outContinue reading “Wait a Minute! Why Do We Love God?”

Shifting Our Focus: Choosing to Love When “They” Make it Hard

Before today, where you spend your time hoping that someday you’ll be able to overcome the diseased hate of the world, you were a little being. Your eyes were full of wonder, and your heart was full of fantasy. You understood not the world around you, yet loved it. You were able to love theContinue reading “Shifting Our Focus: Choosing to Love When “They” Make it Hard”