Top 7 Unique Songs About Overwhelming Fear

Music shouldn’t be just wonderful sound to your ears. It’s so much more powerful! It can encouage you to heal or it can break you into a billion pieces, it all depends on what you’re listening to. That’s why it’s so important to…

Lauren Daigle’s Brand New Podcast! +3 More Must Listen To Podcasts (Teens or Adults)

A quick review of Lauren Daigle’s brand new podcast, Daigle Bites! +3 more amazing must listen to podcasts for teens or adults alike.

It’s Time for the World to Pray as One~ My Take on Worldwide Virus

People are losing their jobs, losing all their hope. This is the time that the society is starting to feel helpless, not sure where to help. It’s time for us to join to together in prayer and…

Wind and Waves

Winds and Waves… God’s in control and He’s got this! Let’s talk about the familar Bible story that we’ve all heard numerous times.