Ultimate List of Resources For the Procrastinating Christian Writer

Hovering fingers. Grogginess. Lack of inspiration. All familiar things among writers, but procrastination? Beware the dangers of the mystical blockade that breaks the ambition of dreamers all over the world. If you are a writer, you understand the mental, physical, and spiritual struggle of procrastination. Perhaps the diseased nuisance is holding you captive as weContinue reading “Ultimate List of Resources For the Procrastinating Christian Writer”

Defying the Cultural Norm of What is Worthy

There I was, enveloped by the dark, harping on the incredible achievements I could reach. If only I could display that I wrote for . . . then perhaps people would find my writing of substantial worth. If you’re a human being, there’s a 90% chance that you’ve developed a similar mindset before. This especially goes forContinue reading “Defying the Cultural Norm of What is Worthy”