It’s Time for the World to Pray as One~ My Take on Worldwide Virus

In the crisis of the world right now, there is so much fear, so much sadness, so many battles. People are losing their jobs, losing all their hope. This is the time that we feel like we should hide in a corner and never come out. Instead, we should be stepping up and becoming prayer warriors.

If you see someone in need, pray for the them, help them in the way that you can. Most of society is in major quarantine, feeling helpless, not sure where to help out. You know what, maybe we can’t help physically, but we can help by praying. Our God is bigger than a virus!

There have been so many deaths and I’m saddened for every single one of them. The best way to look at it though is that if one of us die from this virus, look at as God giving you the VIP pass to skip all the troubles you would’ve faced in life. I know that I’ve wrote a lot about the virus the past few days, but why not? When I feel something laid on my heart to say, I cannot go without saying it.

Take to social media if you have something you need to say. We won’t move forward in life if we keep backing down from the things God is calling us to do. We need to join together in prayer. Could you imagine if the whole entire world prayed as one? This is our chance to do just that. Pray in the morning. Pray in the afternoon. Pray in the evening. Pray at night. Pray when all feels it’s falling apart. Prayer builds things up, amazing things. This virus is trying to break the world, but oh, with linking stranger to stranger together in prayer… Let’s hold up this world when it feels that it wants to fall through space. Strangers joining in prayer is the most powerful thing, because you don’t know each other, but you both know the One True King. 3 year olds to 100 year olds joining together. All prayers matter, whomever’s mouth they come out of. It’s time to uplift each other. If our ancestors survived the great depression, we can certainly get through this. We can all be prayer warriors, even if we stutter over every other word. Let’s do this!

A song of encouragement

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